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Upcoming Events  /.

MadArt Creative Presents Quantum outdoors in LES. 
Wisconsin tour with Michael Mao Dance
NYC Fashion Week with Dusan Tynek Dance Theater
Bohemia National Hall, 321 E. 73rd St, 9pm 
MadArt Creative Presents Quantum 8PM 


Budweiser Commercial Shoot 
Jazz Age Lawn Party, Governor's Island, NYC
STUFFED, Judson Memorial Church, Manhattan, NYC Free dinner and entertainment 8PM with Chimera Project
BAM Fisher, Brooklyn NY 8PM with Michael Michael Mao Dance presented by Brooklyn Dance Festival
 Dixon Hall, Tulane University, New Orleans 6PM with Michael Mao Dance 
MADart Creative, The Inner Reaches, Center for Performance Research
Laguardia Performing Arts Center, ROYGBIV: A Story through the eyes of a rock icon 
Jazz at Lincoln Center APAP Showcase with Michael Mao Dance
Tour to Ohio with Michael Mao Dance
 La Mama Umbira Spoleto, Italy. Residency and Performance with Chimera Project
Performance for BBC America with Jordana Tobeck
Alaska Tour to Haines, Skagway, Ketchikan and Sitka with Michael Mao Dance  
Jazz Age Lawn Party, Governors Island
Morphing Me, MADart Creative
The Earth and Me NY tour with Shadow Box Theater
La Mama Umbira Fringe Festival with Stephan Koplowitz 

Noteable Past Performances   /.

February 25-27 -- Houston, TX, Dušan Týnek Dance Theatre presents a site-specific piece at Rice University's James Turrel Sky Space, Feb 25-27th.
February 4th --  Mad Art Creative's Inner Reaches: Year Two, a chronicle of the quantum universe through movement sound and design at the Ophelia Theater, 5pm.
January 14 & 15, 2017 -- Jazz Age Lawn Party joins Art Deco Weekend in Miami,Fl,  Tickets here 
January 3rd and 8th, 2017 -- Dušan Týnek Dance Theatre at the Joyce Theater for American Dance Platform, 7:30, Tickets here
November 19, 2017 -- Dušan Týnek Dance Theatre at Kaatsbaan International Dance Center, 7:30 pm, Tickets here
April 7, 2016 --  Yale University, MadArt Creative Presents an excerpt of Quantum
June 11 & 12 / August 13 & 14,  2016 -- Jazz Age Lawn Party, Governor's Island, NYC
                                                                                       Tickets here. 
June 14 --  Dušan Týnek Dance Theatre at Metropolitan Museum of Art performing in Museum Mile  7-9pm, various galleries. 
July 7 - 9, 2016 -- Dušan Týnek Dance Theatre at New York Live Arts 
July 24 - 31, 2016-- Quarry Dance with Dušan Týnek Dance Theatre,  a site-specific dance inspired by the quarries of Cape Ann, MA.
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